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Kung Kai Hong

RCR Crystal Timeless DOF glasses (2 pieces) & Vacu Vin Whiskey Stones

Item # 1860360 + 25885020006 x 2

Vacu Vin Whiskey Stones (4 Pieces)

Whiskey stones are small stones, which you can keep in your freezer, and put in your whiskey or other drinks instead of using ice. The biggest advantage to use whiskey stones, is to have your drink not diluted by the traditional ice cubes.

  • Keep in the freezer
  • Chills your whiskey while retaining its flavour

RCR Crystal Timeless Double Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses (2 pieces)

Italian glass Luxion is known for its brightness and higher resistance compared to other materials. Dishwasher safe. 

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