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First House

Glass Teapot with Ant Slip Lid Protection 360ml

Item #FH-245

The lid falling off the teapot is a problem making tea-pouring a two-handed operation. This glass teapot with lid protection is specially designed with a smart handle that keeps the lid securely on the teapot when you pour.
-Made of high heat-resistant borosilicate glass
-Provides timeless beauty when accessorizing your kitchen
-Easy to clean and perfect for home ,office or coffee shop etc
-Suitable for water, tea or any other beverage

Capacity: 360ml
Width: 115mm
Height: 90mm
Length: 170mm

Heat-resistance Glassware
First House is a professional manufacturer of Borosilicate heat-resistance glassware, containers of assorted tea products, coffee containers, utensils and kitchen utensils for both food service users and household users. You may heat First House products with any candlestick, microwave or any kinds of burners.
Also with the ‘Green (Environmental)’ manufacturing, First House products are produced with environmentally friendly materials and exquisite streamlined packaging to protect the environment.

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