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Non Lead Crystal Temptation Decanter 750ml + Hong Kong Hip Bordeaux Glasses 770ml 2pcs

Item #3GSC00003G0020

LUCARIS Asian traditions infused with western modernity have inspired a new global culture in art, design, fashion, cuisine and wine.Lucaris, the Crystal of Modern Asia, celebrates the new Asian dining & wining lifestyle. The first time in Asia that crystal stemware its produced to deliver international quality, for the most enjoyable dining & wining experience.

Lucaris Tokyo Temptation Decanter (1 Piece):
Capacity: 750ml
Width: 188mm
Height: 249mm
Weight: 750g

Hong Kong Hip Bordeaux Glasses (2 pieces): 
Capacity: 770ml
Width: 102mm
Height: 276mm
Weight: 210g

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