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Item #1LS02BD22

Lucaris Tokyo Temptation Bordeaux is designed for serving full-bodied red wine like Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Malbec with oversized modern bowl which allow the aroma and bouquets of wine to develop.

Capacity: 625ml
Width: 96mm
Height: 224mm
Weight: 190g

TITANIUM INFUSED CRYSTAL - Titanium crystal is stronger and more durable than lead crystal and glass. Stability and flexibility make these glasses a must for anyone from a homeowner to a restaurateur.

LEAD AND BARIUM FREE - These fine quality crystal wine glasses are free from any lead or barium typically found in leaded crystal, and are not infused with any other minerals that can harm your health.

RESISTANT AND DISHWASHER SAFE - Titanium crystal is much harder and more durable than lead infused crystal. It is dishwasher safe, and much more resistant to scratches from hand washing so they will last for years to come.

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