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Personalized Printing

Make it Unique For Your Business

In a vibrant and often-changing food service industry, in order to stand out it is essential to enhance your brand image. Especially in today's digital era, visual presentations are vital as customers are able to view and instantly share photos of your products online. Our personalized printing service helps to make your table setting unique to stay competitive.

In additional to food service industry, we have been working with world's leading high end retail groups to custom make products using various printing technologies - whether they are new products to sell in their flagship stores around the world, or pop-up cafes as a brand building experience for their customers in utmost luxurious malls .



Unparalleled Design & Executions: Inspirational concept to apply on a variety of product range to complete a unique and customized request.

Long Lasting Brand Building: Cultivate brand image and commemorate all exceptional moments & events with our personalization service.

Outstanding Quality: Laser engraved & sand blasted logos have uncompromising durability and beauty.

Exclusive Packaging: KKH's experienced sales representatives will offer multitudinous ideas on packaging to complement the overall concept


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